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I am also very sorry , I know this is a very hard time for you and your family. I went through the same thing 4 years ago, I did not undergo chemo. I had 2 d&c' s I was bleeding very bad after the first one. I hated having to wait to try another pregnancy. But a friend of mine did and the treatment was very successful and she has a beautiful 2 year old girl now. I have since had 2 healthy pregnancies. There used to be a support group site and that is where I met my good friend. I think they moved it to the angelnetwork. Good luck to you getting through this trying time and it is very difficult to find reliable info. If I find anything I will pass it along.
Well Jen and any others who have suffered through this ordeal....I have too. In 1999, what I thought was going to be an exciting time in my life - ended up to be a molar pregnancy. For those of you who don't know, there are two types of molar pregnancies (Hydatidform mole). 1: A full molar pregnancy is when there is no actual baby - the 'grapelike' tumor grows and 'pretends' to be like a normal pregnancy..... HCG levels rise just like a normal pregnancy, you get a belly etc etc. But- if it isn't treated can be fatal as the cells multiply etc etc.
2: The second is pretty much the same but there is actually a baby growing. This is what I had, it's called a 'Partial Molar Pregnancy'. In this case, due to the 'grapelike' tumor that grows and kills off the maternal blood supply to the baby and it therefore dies.
My HCG levels didn't drop like they should of after 2x D&C's, so I spent every fortnight in hospital for the night for three months having a low dose of chemotherapy called 'Methotrexate'. (It took this long because I had to have consecutively three HCG levels come back as '0', and it was up and down).You can imagine my concerns about chemo etc, because I knew that one day I would desperatley want to try for another child - and I thought that the chemo would harm the eggs etc. They assured me that it was a very low dose, so it wouldn't have any effect. I wasn't allowed to fall pregnant for at least 12mths afterwards. Although a very emotional time for me (and I'm sure any others out there), I am a strong believer in 'everything happens for a reason'..... and it did. I would be happy to answer any questions from women who have gone through the same.
All I can say for encouragement though is... keep smiling - because it does get easier. You DO feel empty losing a child, and it dosen't make it any easier going through something like this....but it is treatable, and it dosen't effect your chances of concieving again. And even better - if you are scared that you might get another one... my gynae said that "the chance is like having a car accident and smashing into the same tree again!...the chance is minute!"
xox Di. :)

I know exactly how you feel. I went to the doctor on Febraury 3rd for our first ultrasound. We were so excited, especially since this was to be our first child. The ultrasound specialist blurted out, "I can't find a gestational sack." The she left. Finally a doctor returned to tell us we had a miscarriage. I had D&C three days later. Two days after that, the doctor called to let us know it was a molar pregnancy. I had none of the signs of a molar pregnancy. I had no morning sickness, no discharge or bleeding, my HCG levels were normal for a person 7 weeks pregnant (21,000), and my uterus was small. I was angry, mad, confused, and really scared. I had to go to have my levels tested for 4 weeks until my HCG levels dropped to 0. I now have to go to the doctor every month for 6 months to make sure my levels stay at 0. This a confusing, tormenting time. I know you must feel so heartbroken. I think only time can heal this, but that is the worst part. The waiting, the endless waiting. My doctor said there is no real reason for why this happens, it just does. She too said that the chances of this reoccuring are very, very small. I am hopeful, but right now I am still scared. Living through something like this must be the worst part. Hopefully you and I and all the others out there like us will have that baby we so desire. I hope your future holds nothing but happiness.

After three trys at donated frozen embryo transfers, it finally worked! We couldn't believe our eyes at those 2 beautiful pink lines on the home preg test (while waiting for the blood test to come back.) I had a little scary spotting that went away, and had an ultra sound a week later which was week 7. The doctor was so kind as he informed us that he wasn't seeing what he should be seeing and to get dressed and meet him in his office to talk
It took everything in my power not to cry there, maybe I thought if I let it come out, I wouldn't be able to stop it. The confusion only sped up when he scheduled the DNC for the next morning to "get it out of me, and take care of this serious mater." Anyway, that was our horrlble way of learning that A) We'd lost our little miracle baby and B) We had a freaky Molar pregnacy.
It's still sureal and my first Dr. appointment is Mon. to find out my HCG levels.
I know God has a plan for us all, but I truely thought mine was motherhood.
Good meaning people say "Oh, you can always try again" That just feels like slapping a band-aid on a missing hand.
This does feel better just writing about it. Thanks for listening

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