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[QUOTE=jo905;1527118]Just to let you know I will be leaving this message board my baby was born on 25th Feb I was 19 weeks pregnant he had the cord round his neck four times and had been dead 2 weeks apparently although Im sure I felt him kick in between this time. Dont really know what else to say as I am grieving so much it hurts to talk about my experience. I was in labour for half hour and had to be induced We will try again but not just yet as I feel I need time to get over this if anyone knows of anyone else this has happened to please let me know as I feel so unlucky and cant believe this is such a rare thing to happen and that it happened to me[/QUOTE]

I'm sorry for your loss...I lost my baby boy Kapena at 37 weeks due to the cord around his neck 3 times and a true knot in his cord. I've been off and on "Okay" but, for some reason two days ago I hit the bottom of the pits again and I feel like jumping of a building (I won't do that) but, thats how I feel. I can't understand how or why this has happened and to make it worse, i work as a Welfare Fraud Investigator and see people everyday who pop kids out like Pez Despensers and some (not all) don't even care about their children. I have a 13 year old boy, who is my angel on earth....but I do miss my Kapena so much.....
God bless you and please know that you are not alone and will never get over this. I've heard the phrase "you don't go back to 'normal' you have to find a new normal".....I've always read the posts on here, but only registered so I could respond to your post....I'm really sorry and I feel your pain. NO one can understand unless they've been through the same thing......I'll check back often to see if you've responded....Aloha and God Bless

BF Billy
Angel on earth Adrian
^^BABY ANGEL^^ Kapena W. Garcia

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