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my doctor told me to wait one cycle. but he said to use protection, he said a barrier type such as a condom, b/c i could ovulate as soon as two weeks after a DNC. Of course we plan on using somelthing, but condoms are not 100% efficient. I just wondered if it were possible to get pregnant so soon after a miscarriage and what woujld happen if I did. we are also very anxious to get pregnant again as soon as possible, but we will wait for that cycle to happen. i hope it doesn't take long.
I Had A Miscarriage In Sept Had A Dnc (this Is When They Have To Scrape Ur Uterus And Get The Fetus Out) And Then I Got Pregnant Again In Oct. Its Not The Wisest Thing To Do. I About Lost This One Several Times. I Was Bleeding All The Time, Had To Take Dispositories Throughout The Pregnancy. And I Had Him 5 Weeks Early. He Came Out 5 Pounds 14 Ounces. He Had Terrible Breathing Problems Was Hospitalized Several Times. My Suggestion Is To Wait At Least 3 Months Like The Doc Says. My Son Will Be 6 This Year. Hes Great Now (spoiled Rotten) Lol...but Just Wait Hun! Its For The Best!
thanks for the advice, Kelly. I talked to my doctor yesterday (I had a check up after the DNC) and I asked him why I should wait. He was honest and said basically what you said. Nothing bad should happen, he recommends waiting one cycle to clean my system and date the pregnancy. But he very cheerfully told me that if I don't want to wait, there's no reason to wait. So we've decided not to wait. Hopefully it won't take long.

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