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i was also told by friends and family that i would be more fertile, but instead of fleeing from this, they told me to take advantage of it to carry a baby to term. I also asked my doctor if there is any real reason to wait, and he said that while some say to wait 3, 6, or 12 cycles, he only recommends one. and he said that is so my body can cleanse itself, get back on track, and they can easily date a pregnancy. medically, he said my chances of having a miscarriage do not increase by getting pregnant right away, so he said if we don't want to wait, we don't have to. so we're not. i don't understand why some doctors make people worry and wait for so long if there's no medical reason. but maybe your miscarriage was different and it hurt your body, so i guess do what you feel is best. I have spoken w/ lot of people, for this very concern, who have gotten pregnant after a miscarriage before having a cycle and carried a healthy baby to term.

after my miscarriage, i just want to recover and hold a baby in my arms. the sooner, the better.

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