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There is truth to that "old wife's tale". I was pregnant within two months of a D & C. The pathology report stated that I was bleeding excessively because I was not ovulating. I don't exactly remember details (it was 14 years ago). Granted, I wasn't trying, but I was definitely pregnant.

As for trying after miscarriage...I really think it depends how far along you are. If you are in your early months, the docs may say give it a go or wait a month or two just to get on track--I'm not positive. After my first miscarriage, (I was only 10 weeks) the ER doctor said that we could really try anytime. I was a bit surprised.

I am guessing that if you were further along, like six months, when you miscarried, they might have you wait a bit longer just to heal. I think each case is different and should be handled that way. You would also want to make sure your body is healthy (for yourself as well as baby) before getting pregnant. I sure hope all goes well for you and for having a baby soon.

Take care.

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