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If so did you ever experience very painful menstrual cycles afterwards? I had a D&E procedure done on Dec 15th due to a late miscarriage and ever since I had it done my menstrual cycles have been very painful...I start having painful symptoms of AF days before she arrives and thru out the cycle its so uncomfortable! I also bleed like 2 or 3 more days longer then what I did before the D&E and its very heavy almost the whole time. Is it normal or should I contact my ob/gyn?
I had a late miscarriage too and I was induced. Didnt have to have a d & e as my cervix was open by the time I got to the er, and dialated fully for the miscarriage. I will say, I had huge blood clots after that miscarriage, and my period was heavier a month afer. Either way, the whole thing really stinks!

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