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I would not think so, my doctor told me that you can either have a D&C done or you could wait to have a miscarriage at home. I was about as far as 10 weeks, and my doctor told me to wait atleast 3 months before getting pregnant again. Some doctors say wait atleast 1 cycle because if you get pregnant sooner the chances of you having a miscarriage are greater. Hope I helped out some.
NO you don't have to have a D&C after you miscarry, unless everything doesn't pass on its own then the doctor would probably schedule a D&C.
I believe it all depends. I know people who had miscarriage at 12 weeks and did not need dnc also i know people who had dnc after 8 weeks, it depends if you want to wait it out or if the dr. thinks your body has not expelled everything. i think everyone is different. hope that helps
if it is what they call a "missed miscarriage" (meaning the baby is dead, has been, should have been miscarried but wasn't) they usually recommend a DNC. If a miscarriage has already started, they ususally let you wait it out. But usually everyone can always opt for anything, no matter how far along they are, depending on their situation. I was 11 weeks and opted for a DNC b/c I didn't know how long it would take my body to realize all was not right.
so what is she going threw does she feal fine and dandy or is she bleeding having pains ?
All depends on the person as to how she is feeling! For most people a miscarriage isn't easy to overcome right away both physically and emotionally! Also depends on her body rather or not she is still bleeding and having pains. Maybe she has accepted the miscarriage and is fine and dandy, but only she could say for sure!!!
so she is feeling not so good than ? or does she feel fine i mean is she bleeding and feeling empty inside ?
If I would have to guess shes probably not feeling the best...she is probably still bleeding if the miscarriage just happened recently! If she is very devastated over the miscarriage I'm sure she is feeling very empty inside!
it happend 10 days ago or so .
so im guessing shes not feeling like a million bucks ? or am i wrong
With it only being 10 days I really doubt she's feeling like a million bucks...unless she was happy that it happened!!!!
thanx beanie this is a trying time for me ...

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