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I just miscarried my son, whom I was 15 wks. pregnant with. To me, it was more like premature labor because I literally was in labor with and gave birth to him. He was so tiny, and I was so afraid to even think of having sex. After talking with my fiance and telling him all my fears, we've decided to try again when we get the ok from my doctor. This doctor seems wonderful. He said when we do conceive again, he'll do ultrasounds and all the testing we need. If there's a problem, he'll try to fix it so we can have another child. He's still testing the baby and my placenta, and will test me for things when my hcg level goes back to 0. I'm still afraid of going through this again, but now we know the symptoms and can get to the ER before I go through the trauma of giving birth alone on my toliet. My fiance believes that God will help us though this, and has a plan for us. I believe that too, even though it's very hard right now.

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