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I am currently recovering from what we think was a very early miscarriage or chemical pregnancy as I am reading about...(though I am very confused and would love replies to my post 'Miscarriage or Very Late Period).
Because I dont' know exactly what went on I am not sure if I can start trying as soon as I see signs of ovulation or if I have to wait for my next cycle. I think I will probably start trying right away and hope for the best. We have a son who is 2 and had no problems at all getting pregnant or during the pregnancy although delivery was a nightmare.
I live in Canada and have a year of maternity leave paid by the governent (at a much reduced rate of pay). I had wanted to time this baby to have the best effect on this program (I get laid off from my job 3 times a year anyway) and that is now not going to work as well. I can only pray that God will bless at the best time and help us to understand what is happening.
Good luck to you all!!!

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