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Ovulation after DNC
Mar 21, 2005
Noel, have you ovulated yet, that you know? how long did it take other people out there to ovulate and have a period again? I had a DNC 20 days ago and today I have some discharge and little twinges in my right ovary. Does that sound like I'm ovulating? Is the timing right there?
I had a D&E procedure and my period came 29 days after I had it done. I'm not really sure when I might have ovulated...wasn't in my intrest at that time! The twinges in your ovary with the discharge is a good sign that you are probably ovulating! Sorry I'm not much help!
that's okay
i'm just anxious to know when my body will be on track again
i was never very good at tracking my period but it always came on time so it wasn't that hard
now that i've had a DNC i have no idea if it's normal or still wacked
I misscarried and had DNC and I started ovulating abotu weeks after. I bleed really heavy for 2 weeks then I stop and ovulated for a couple of weeks and had period. I was told it can take 2 weeks to a couple of months before you get back into sync with your body.
Sorry I did not respond sooner but my sister had to go into the hospital (big mess) and I got my wish if only for a couple days, I am taking care of her little boy while she is in there he is only 5 and a handful. Busy doing homework and all the fun stuff getting a taste what mother hood is all about. Anyway to answer your question like you I am having a lot of discharge I go for my check-up on the 6 of April and we will see if all is well. Before I was pregnant I would never have my period on time I was on medication to have my period once a month so I will probably have to get back on the RX to get regular again. When do you and your dh plan on starting to try again?
Two weeks after my DNC I was ovulating again.. . My perios were messed up and still are.. I had the DNC in late Nov. of last year. I get my period every 2 weeks. My body bounced back well, excpet I kept producing breast milk way after the DNC.
still no period, since you had your DNC the same day as me, i was just wondering about your timing. I've always been very regular, so maybe around the 28 I'll get it. I'm expecting it - no signs though, no sore breasts, no cramping. maybe it'll take a little longer.

my doctor said we can try when we want now. i'm just kind of waiting... for something, I don't know what. i guess we'll know when it's time.
Well I wish the best of luck to you and your dh on conceiving soon. My doctor said to wait 3 months to start trying again so thats what we plan on doing, I know people say that you can start trying sooner than that but the doctor told me to wait 3 months before trying and I don't want anything to jepordize this pregnancy so I am taking all precautions necessary. I was so irregular before, sometimes I would go three months without having a period so I would assume that when I go in for my check-up if I still have not started my period he will put me back on my RX.
oh wow. i completely agree, i made sure w/ my doctor that it would be okay to get pregnant again at anytime, b/c the last thing i want is to get pregnant again and miscarry again. well, still waiting on the period. still no signs. maybe i didn't ovulate two weeks after, but three weeks after. that means i won't get my period until april.

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