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I am very new to message boards. About a week ago I was bleeding just a very small amount. First pregnancy for me. I called the Dr. and got an ultrasound. They said the fetus was nearly 6 gestational weeks. My Dr. said I had a 50/50 chance of miscarriage and arranged for blood tests for hormone levels the following days. That night I really began to bleed. I had incredible abdominal pain. I began to pass very large chunks that appeared to be tissue or lining and also clots. I called my Dr. after several hours of this b/c the pain was so intense I thought I was going to pass out. I went to the emergency room and basically writhed in pain for 4 hours before they would see me. By this time I could watch the clock and know when the pain was coming. It was just horrific. I ended up getting an ultrasound and they said it was an incomplete miscarriage and that there was still tissue, clots etc in the lower part of my uterus. The whole experience was just so awful. I was bleeding thru my clothes, then I was laying in a big puddle of blood for 6 hours once they actually saw me and started with the tests. And I had to have a bladder catheter. And to be honest, I knew I was having a miscarriage, I just wanted something for the pain. I've never had a painkiller in my life but I was desperate. I've also never been to the ER. The ER dr. called my Dr and she said to send me home with a presecription for methergine. She specifically told the ER Dr not to prescribe any pain meds. I was upset but didn't realize how mean this was until two days later when these mean little pills basically caused me to go into labor again, passing some very scary things, alot of blood and I ended up at a local stat care where they shot me up with demoral (thank god) and called an ambulance. Another ER Dr. talks to her and she says to take motrin. This all happened over a weekend. I had an appt for Tues. I call my Dr's office on Monday and they call back and tell me they cancelled my appt and they don't need to see me for 2 weeks. It's a week later, I finished the methergine 4 days ago and I'm still bleeding but thankfully the cramping seems to have stopped. The whole experience has left me exhausted and angry. I'm switching doctors. That's about all I can say. I wish I would have gotten a D&C.

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