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I started spotting yesterday. Went to the OB who did a sonogram & a pelvic. They found the yolk sac (5 1/2 weeks along) exactly where it was supposed to be in the uterus and also found that my cervix was closed. All good news. Unfortunately, I had started to bleed by this time. My doctor gave me 50/50 odds on the pregnancy being able to continue. I am supposed to follow up with him next Friday, but I think i'll go back in on Monday. I'm pretty positive I miscarried last night. I started bleeding heavier (I had to use 2 pads) and had terrible cramps. At times I thought I was going to vomit it hurt so bad. I'm still cramping, but it has slacked a whole lot... it just feels like I'm on my period now.

I hate to ask for anyone to share their miscariage story, but does what i went through sound like one? I hate having to wait until Monday... it seems so long... and I'm sure the ER would either turn me away or make me wait 6 hours. I'm quiet realistic. I've never heard anyone say they have bled as much I am bleeding and then carry a baby to term.

Thanks for listening and thanks in advance for any responses

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