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Well, it seems that everything turned out alright after all. Our doctor made some phone calls on Tuesday, and got us squeezed in at the hospital, where they induced labour... which was the ideal solution. We didn't even know it was an option, because they usually only induce if the miscarriage is after 20 weeks.

So, in the end, this was the best option for us. My wife was very distraught at the idea of sucking the baby out in pieces with a D&C. Inducing the labour ended up with her passing out the baby at about 1 in the morning, and everything went pretty well. There was concern that the placenta wouldn't follow, but the doctor managed to dig it out. (yeah, not the prettiest thing in the world, but it avoided having to have the D&C anyway).

And we got to see and hold the baby, which was a surprise for me, but in the end I was glad to have done it. Plus, by labouring it out we discovered that the umbilical cord had been wrapped around the baby's neck 3 times, which is likely the cause of death... this we would not have known, had we had a D&C.

So, thanks for all your feedback, everyone. Aside from the obvious crappiness of the situation, things went well, and I think that we've both got some closure, and are ready to start thinking about the possibility of moving forward.... maybe in a little while.

Peace, Love, and Light,


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