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Re: Miscarraige
Apr 12, 2005
Have you called your Dr? I had a horrible AF before I got pregnant. More blood and HORRIBLE cramps but nothing like you described. Two weeks after I delivered my son ('99)I had grayish like material come out and it ended up being my dumb *** doctor didn't get all the afterbirth BUT that was after I had my son. If I were you I'd call my doctor unless everything is OK now.

Proud momma to
Brandon 5/11/99
Jade E.D.D. 6/7/05
Re: Miscarraige
Apr 14, 2005
Hello! I think navysab asked a good question. Was your period late at all? You typically wouldn't see anything grayish before six weeks (about two weeks late for your period).

Grayish material may also be endometrial tissue (just shedding your lining) but it's usually pink and meaty.

It's very possible you had a miscarriage. Sometimes HCG can still be detected up to two weeks after so it may be wise to have your doctor run the HCG if you'd like to know for sure.

If you saved the tissue you passed then your doctor could also do tests to see what it is.

Love and Prayers, Kelly

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