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How do I relax???
Apr 17, 2005
Hi There... I'm 10 weeks pregnant today, but started spotting yesterday. I had menstral like cramps all day. The spotting never actually flowed out, just there when I wipe. Started out pinkish and got darker through the day. My OB emergency number said go to the ER. My cervix is closed (good sign) and the dr said there was just bloody mucas (sorry if tmi!!) at the tip of the cervix. They said it could possibly be the first signs of a miscarriage, or it could be many other things. They didn't do an ultrasound since my bleeding wasn't major. They did do a Beta test and I have to go Monday for a repeat to make sure the levels rise. Still have cramps and slight spotting today (still only when I wipe) Has anyone experienced this and gone on to actually miscarry? My heart goes out to all of you. Thanks in advance for your responses.

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