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Anyone else out there have this (three or more in a row)? I just had my third miscarriage in 5 months and my doctor isn't concerned and doesn't want to see me until I have my period. I'm not sure why he wants me to wait.

Did anyone else have any testing done after their miscarriages (other than HCG and blood counts)?

This is my fifth loss total (I had two previous losses) and I can't understand why my doctor isn't alarmed.

He has never had me send anything to pathology before either (I saved everything I passed).

I have always had normal predictable 35 day cycles but now I bleed from day one of my period until I ovulate (21 days out of every cycle). I also bleed heavier with activity and sex but my doctor said not to do anything different :confused: :confused: :confused: .

I am 28 years old and have had healthy pregnancies previously. Suddenly I'm unable to maintain a pregnancy and my doctors aren't concerned (I have four doctors due to an ongoing undiagnosed medical condition).

If anyone can help me understand this I'd appreciate it.

Love and Prayers, Kelly

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