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Hello. I posted this thread on the TTC:

a. About 2.5 weeks ago I got my period as normal, however, I had been feeling very weird and thought I might be pregnant. Period came, although 2 days late, however I tested with a HPT the day before the period and came out negative.

b. After 7 days the bleeding changed to brown spotting...definitely not normal...took multiple more HPTs that were negative, as I thought maybe I was miscarrying and wanted to see if any sign of this.

c. Still spotting. Decided I would call doctor Monday to get in (know I should have done before, but just switched positions in company...high-stress type atmosphere), however, Friday, on a whim I took another test (hadn't taken one since the Monday before)...came out positive with a LIGHT line...have taken one yesterday and today and the lines are getting stronger and stronger...

Very confused. Because of the spotting, believe might have miscarried, but why would it wait so long to show up...too, the last couple days I have spotted less...

...I have now gone to an obgyn who did a blood test and saw the hormone at 63...I am going in next Monday to get another blood test to see if the levels are rising or what...I have been taking HPTs everyday and in the morning they are always positive, and then sporadically at night (which seems to be the case for the original poster)...I am still big clots or anything...mostly brown blood, but some red mixed in, too...for those of you who have had miscarriages, does this sound familiar?

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