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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this board and everyone seems so helpful, if someone might be able to shed some light on my situation I'd appreciate it. I feel stupid for being 26 yrs old and not knowing what's going on, but nothing like this has ever happened to me before!

I've always had perfectly normal, clockwork-like periods. The only time I've ever skipped a period was either due to gaining some weight or being really stressed out, and the next period I had was normal as usual, maybe just lasted a little longer or something. It's not normal for me to have long-lasting painful cramps, huge blood clots, pass tissue, etc. If I had any bloodclots they were very very small, maybe the size of a peppercorn or something. Nothing large. I've never been pregnant either.

In January, my period was 3 weeks late. I had sex right around the time it was due (Dec 18th-ish), and then the holidays hit and I thought it was late due to stress. I was just in a new relationship and hadn't started my new BC yet. I hadn't been on BC in a long time (about 5 years), just used condoms. So, my pd was 3 weeks late, and during that time I had persistent crampy feelings, breasts were kinda tender, I was hungry all the time, sleepy all the time. I was a little concerned I might be pg, but I chalked it up to stress and PMS, so when I started bleeding I thought good, here's my pd. So that evening as per the dirs, I started taking my new BCP (Ovcon 35) since I figured that would be easier for me to remember as a start date.

I started to have really unusually painful cramps starting the next day, and at one point I bent over to shred some papers (I was trying to clean to take my mind off the cramps), I had this sharp pain go through my lower abdomen, and later that evening saw that I had passed a little pinkish-grey rolled-upball of tissue about the size of a pea. I passed another little bit in the shower that night, about half the size. The next day I sat around all day with a heating pad because the cramps were so bad, I seemed to be bleeding more than usual, etc. The day after that I had to go to work, unfortunately, and still had bad cramps. At one point I felt like I had to go to the bathroom, so I went and the only thing that came out was a sac of something, it was sort of shiny purplish in color, translucent, filled with blood, and one end had a little knotty ball of dark red/purple tissue in it. It was about the size of a medium plum tomato. There was no blood or anything else in the toilet, I didn't even urinate at all, just that sac. I still wasn't convinced that I was having a mc at this point (more like denial), so I thought it was possibly just an abnormally large blood clot or something, and flushed it. I wish I had known to save it so I could take it to the doctor. I went home and took a pregnancy test that evening and it came out negative. That weekend I kept passing nickel-sized blood clots and little bits of yellowish feathery tissue with tiny blood clots attached. Every time I would pass something I would feel sort of queasy and lightheaded for a little bit. I felt sick and flu-ish all week, no appetite, tired, etc. The next week I went to my school health center (I am a non-trad student, went back to school to finish my degree), the nurse said my cervix was slightly dilated and I had a slightly raised temp, but a pee-test was negative and she said everything else seemed ok.

When I told my doctor (ob/gyn) about this, she basically blew me off and said it was my BCP "cleaning me out". They didn't even do a blood test on me, and didn't have me come in until 2 & 1/2 weeks later when I started passing tissue (I passed a piece about 2 inches square that was clear and shiny, smooth on one side, with blood clots attached), very long, dark purplish/black blood clots, and bleeding again once I got to the end of my first pack of BCP. That week I was still concerned about what I was seeing/feeling, so I got a pack of early pg tests. Two consecutive days' morning tests had very very faint positive lines, but the evening ones I tried didn't have a line at all, so I thought, maybe it was just evaporation lines.

I just don't know what to think. No doctor seems to be able to tell me what the "sac" was, but everything I have been able to find online tells me this was a miscarriage. I was also an emotional wreck during the whole month of January and most of February. I wonder if I'd had a blood test right when this first started if I'd had gotten an answer. Can your HCG drop very quickly once you have a mc? Could what I am describing be anything else, like a polyp or cyst or something?

I am still passing whitish, stringy, elastic, feathery tissue, and have been off and on during the month each month since January, even when I am not bleeding and on the pink pills. Right now I am going on 7 total days (not consecutive) out of the last 25 days. It's usually small, anywhere from the size of a dried pea to maybe the size/length of a kidney bean.

I am still taking the Pill per the doctor's orders. I even went to another doctor last month to get a second opinion because I was still passing this white tissue and when I'd have my period during the green pills, also larger bloodclots than normal for me. She at least took me seriously, did bloodwork, and had me get an ultrasound. The bloodwork came back fine (no HCG) and the ultrasound showed nothing, but of course this was at the end of March. The new doctor just said everything looked normal, and couldn't really offer an explanation as to what happened in March. However, I explained the sac to the ultrasound tech and asked her opinion as to whether it might have been a freak polyp or cyst, and she said, "Those things don't just come out, they have to be scraped out." I also think that if I had no abnormal symptoms before this happened, and two months later bloodwork and ultrasound are normal, then that tells me there was no pre-existing issue going on that would cause the BCP to "clean me out" like that. I took this same BCP before with my last serious relationship and never had any problems with it.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? My gut is telling me I had a miscarriage, but no health professional seems to be able to say for sure, "You had a m/c." I feel like I can't get any closure on this and I keep thinking about it constantly, I have dreams about having a miscarriage, things being taken from me, etc. I wasn't sure I was even pregnant and then this happened - that's a pretty crappy way to find out you were pregnant. :(

I would appreciate any insight or similar experiences anyone could share with me. Thank you so much.

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