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After my first miscarriage I ovulated three weeks later and became pregnant (I have long cycles and typically ovulate on the 21st day of my cycle). I started having symptoms about four weeks after the miscarriage.

After my second miscarriage I became pregnant only 10 days later and began having symptoms within a week (breast tenderness and nausea).

Both pregnancies went well but I had a lot more nausea during those pregnancies than during any of the others (don't know if it had anything to do with the miscarriages or not).

Many of the symptoms of early pregnancy are also symptoms of PMS. PMS typically starts a couple of days after ovulation. If you ovulated on the 14th day post miscarriage and didn't get pregnant you may be experiencing PMS.

The best way to determine pregnancy would be to contact your doctor and have him do another HCG test.

Let us know!

Love and Prayers, Kelly

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