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I believe you are pregnant and you may or may not be miscarrying. I highly recommend that you go to the doctor to have HCGs done. They can tell you whether or not your numbers are going up or down. They'll draw blood and then two days later draw blood again. If the number is doubling then your pregnancy is continuing if they go down your pregnancy is ending and you may need a D&C (they typically give you the option).

I'd imagine this is anxious time for you not knowing! The waiting is so difficult.

My miscarriages (I've had 5) have always started with bleeding and clots. Then the cramping started mildly and became worse and worse until I passed some large clots (although two of my very very early miscarriages I had very few clots and very little tissue) and grayish placental tissue. After that the cramping stopped and the bleeding continued for several days (and up to a few weeks for my later ones).

There is still hope! Let us know.

Love and Prayers, Kelly

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