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Well I am back from the Doctor and have no real new news. She believes I did have a miscarriage and that I was indeed pregnant. I had another negative urine test at the office and because of this she did not order any blood work but I am scheduled for an ultrasound for Friday to ensure that everything was expelled. She believes it likely was but wants to make sure. She was very compassionate but didn't ask as many questions as I would have thought she would regarding the clots etc. I guess she's likley seen a lot of them.
She has suggested we wait a few months to try again. This is hard news for me to hear...I really want to try again right away.
Anyone else have similar stories and/or advice on this?
I am sad to hear of your struggles Mrs. M but it sounds like you have a great outlook on life. Will you consider adoption or fostering children?
I am lucky to have one child already...a little terror... I mean two year old who is the light of my life. He was a fabulous baby and everyone joked with me that I wouldn't want to riisk having a second one cause the second ones are never as good as the first. Not so funny now after thinking it would be as easy to concieve the second as it was the first.
I am off to have an ultrasound tomorrow to see what is up/left. I have had 3 people tell me stories about people who miscarried a twin, had negative urine tests and obviously were still pregnant. Not sure why they do that to me...nothing like scaring the hell out of me and getting my hopes up too.
Take care's off for a retreat weekend after the ultrasound...a well needed break.

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