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I am new to this board and need help desperately.
My cycles are normally 28-30 days. Last month I was 6 days late (34 days) but my period came and was fairly normal. I noticed signs of ovulation early though (around day 10) and as we were planning to start trying for our second child we had sex then and again the next night.
Around day 25 I started feeling nauseous and my breasts were tender. On day 30 I took a hpt and it was neg. I was a bit upset and confused but thought oh well. At day 39 when my period had still not come and the symptoms were pretty strong (even some weight gain and slight breast enlargement) I tested again. There was a faint line, almost not there initially but after 2 minutes definately a light line. That day the symptoms were really strong but then I had a stomache ache too...high up and painful. I was very nauseous that day too.
The next morning I went to work and booked a Dr's appt for the next week and then about 90 min. later noticed spotting. I called the office back and the nurse said it was normal to spot but to take it easy.
I went home and at first it was just spotting but then the cramping started, mildly. By the next morning I was passing clots that were very stringy, had some pinkish grey matter in them but had very little blood on a pad. It is now 4 days since the bleeding started. There is still many clots, some big, some little, some just normal looking, some that are pinkish grey. I am still nauseated but my breasts are only slightly tender now.
I am second guessing myself all the time now...was I really pregnant? Was it just a really late period? Could I still be pregnant?
With my son I tested positive at 34 days and had some cramping but never any bleeding. Delivery was a nightmare (37 hours of induced labour with both gel and the drip with awful contractions the entire time) and now I wonder if there was damage done then?
Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks. :confused:
I believe you are pregnant and you may or may not be miscarrying. I highly recommend that you go to the doctor to have HCGs done. They can tell you whether or not your numbers are going up or down. They'll draw blood and then two days later draw blood again. If the number is doubling then your pregnancy is continuing if they go down your pregnancy is ending and you may need a D&C (they typically give you the option).

I'd imagine this is anxious time for you not knowing! The waiting is so difficult.

My miscarriages (I've had 5) have always started with bleeding and clots. Then the cramping started mildly and became worse and worse until I passed some large clots (although two of my very very early miscarriages I had very few clots and very little tissue) and grayish placental tissue. After that the cramping stopped and the bleeding continued for several days (and up to a few weeks for my later ones).

There is still hope! Let us know.

Love and Prayers, Kelly
I am not sure why she didn`t do the test...the nurse indicated she would but when the doctor asked how long it had been since the bleeding began her thoughts seemed to change on what she wanted to do. I guess we`ll know more after the ultrasound on Friday. I just hope all is well and I can avoid a D and C.
I think we will just let nature take it`s course and see what happens...I am not really feeling very romantic anyway so I don`t see us doing anything for abit. It will likely end up being a full cycle before we try again.
Thanks for your input and I`ll post again after the ultrasound.
Any idea on how long it takes for the nausea to go away?
I sure do hope that you are okay. I don't consider myself a Pro by no means but after
7 years of Marriage and 6 failed pregnancies I knew what was happening after the first few losses. The first one My Husband and I had no idea we were pregnant. Then
late one evening I just started bleeding very heavily. He took me to the ER and it was
confirmed it was a Miscarriage. I however have never had regular cycles so it was not unusual to have 2 maybe 3 periods a year.( Still haven't found a Doctor who can fix that either, But in December 2002 they did diag. me with PCOS.) throughout all of our attempts we used Clomid, Progesterone,Oh and I found out I was Rh neg. I can say from my experience the pain from each miscarriage was very recognizable. It felt as though I had a dagger stabbing my Uterus. The worst one was when we were about 3 hours from home. All I can remember was screaming in pain, while my Husband cried, while trying to get me home.In 2002 we got pregnant on our own without the use of fertility drugs and were trying our best to be positive.( This was attempt # 5.)
My levels had doubled and the pregnancy was where
it was supposed to be. Then 1 week later I had my levels checked again and they were
at a standstill, Hadn't raised or dropped. The next day I started bleeding. The Dr. told me to come back in a week to make sure that I had discharged all of the pregnancy on my own. When I returned my levels were still the same. I had an ectopic pregnancy
along with the other. It has now been two and a half years and My husband and I have given up. We have a wonderful Marriage and We are all each other needs. I only have 1 tube now, the Fetus was to big and entwined to just remove it from my tube.
I really wanted so much to give my Husband a child. But when we lost our last one in
November 2002, He looked at me and told me that when we got Married I was all he
had ever wanted, there was no promise of kids, all he ever wanted was me. That was
all I needed to close that chapter and move on with a new tomorrow.
I am sad to hear of your struggles Mrs. M but it sounds like you have a great outlook on life. Will you consider adoption or fostering children?
I am lucky to have one child already...a little terror... I mean two year old who is the light of my life. He was a fabulous baby and everyone joked with me that I wouldn't want to riisk having a second one cause the second ones are never as good as the first. Not so funny now after thinking it would be as easy to concieve the second as it was the first.
I am off to have an ultrasound tomorrow to see what is up/left. I have had 3 people tell me stories about people who miscarried a twin, had negative urine tests and obviously were still pregnant. Not sure why they do that to me...nothing like scaring the hell out of me and getting my hopes up too.
Take care's off for a retreat weekend after the ultrasound...a well needed break.
It's been a week and I have yet to hear from the Dr. so I know that there is nothing to tell...which is great. I actually feel really good now about most things although I did some grieving last weekend and worry a lot about our chances of ttc again.
I seem to physically be getting back to normal now though as my cm seems to be indicating ovulation. My bbt seems weird though (around 97.5 unless lack of sleep most days then a drop to 96.7 or so and now back to 97.5 or so) and I wonder if this is normal after a m/c? Anyone know much about cm and bbt after miscarriage?

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