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I sure do hope that you are okay. I don't consider myself a Pro by no means but after
7 years of Marriage and 6 failed pregnancies I knew what was happening after the first few losses. The first one My Husband and I had no idea we were pregnant. Then
late one evening I just started bleeding very heavily. He took me to the ER and it was
confirmed it was a Miscarriage. I however have never had regular cycles so it was not unusual to have 2 maybe 3 periods a year.( Still haven't found a Doctor who can fix that either, But in December 2002 they did diag. me with PCOS.) throughout all of our attempts we used Clomid, Progesterone,Oh and I found out I was Rh neg. I can say from my experience the pain from each miscarriage was very recognizable. It felt as though I had a dagger stabbing my Uterus. The worst one was when we were about 3 hours from home. All I can remember was screaming in pain, while my Husband cried, while trying to get me home.In 2002 we got pregnant on our own without the use of fertility drugs and were trying our best to be positive.( This was attempt # 5.)
My levels had doubled and the pregnancy was where
it was supposed to be. Then 1 week later I had my levels checked again and they were
at a standstill, Hadn't raised or dropped. The next day I started bleeding. The Dr. told me to come back in a week to make sure that I had discharged all of the pregnancy on my own. When I returned my levels were still the same. I had an ectopic pregnancy
along with the other. It has now been two and a half years and My husband and I have given up. We have a wonderful Marriage and We are all each other needs. I only have 1 tube now, the Fetus was to big and entwined to just remove it from my tube.
I really wanted so much to give my Husband a child. But when we lost our last one in
November 2002, He looked at me and told me that when we got Married I was all he
had ever wanted, there was no promise of kids, all he ever wanted was me. That was
all I needed to close that chapter and move on with a new tomorrow.

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