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Re: Help!
Jun 1, 2005
thanks guys for your wishes of support i went for the scan yesterday and i had lost my baby. I feel better for at least knowing and not having to keep thinking are things ok or not. The most upsetting part is that this was a very wanted baby. I won't forget this baby as so many of my dreams and future plans of happiness were tied to this baby. I have planted a plum tree in honour and so that there is some evidence and reminder of my baby's existence. My worst fear is that people will think if i have another baby i shall rorget this one. we will try again after my next period but this baby will never replace my first pregnancy or make me forget this baby that i never had the opportunity to hold and share my love with in our happy marriage. Good luck to everyone trying to cope with this sad loss of loosing their baby and good luck for what ever you want from the future. i am going out tonight with our friends of whom 4 are having a baby i just hope they don't feel uncomfortable around me, only if i don't see them now i worry i may avoid them or worse still be over come by envy. Part of my anger is with the world this would have to happen to me and like when bad things happen we think why me? I know i have no answer to this.
Thanks again and lots of luck to everyone Thanks for your support. :)

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