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UTI after D&C
Jun 2, 2005
Has anyone every had a UTI after a D&C. I have had this for week and did not know until I went to the DR and told him I thought I had this. Otherwise I thought it was bad cramp. Well, after my cycle I still have pain in my lower stomach and lower back. I have had antiobiotics for 4 days tomorrow is the last day. I hope this all ends soon. i have had enough since April 25th when I miscarried. D&C on 4/28... enough already..

has anyone had this problem before?? and how did you deal with it??

I have been drinking lots of water, cranberry juice and trying to flush it out as much as possible?

any suggetions?? Please???
Re: UTI after D&C
Jun 5, 2005
Are you still have UIT symptoms? There is a drug called pyridium that you can get by prescription or OTC as Uristat that helps with the pain, urgency and burning of UTI.

Your experience is not that uncmmon, but it's no fun for sure.

I do hope you are feeling better soon.

Much love,
Re: UTI after D&C
Jun 6, 2005

Even though I was positive for UTI and had the antiobiotics. I now have products of conception still left inside of me since 4/28/05 D&C. I guess those were the symptoms all along....
Re: UTI after D&C
Jun 6, 2005
It very well could be. I am so sorry. I had a uterine infection after my first just seems to make an already awful experience more awful; insult to injury.

I'm very sorry...

Re: UTI after D&C
Jun 6, 2005

That is what I am afraid off an infection?? I contacted the Dr's office today and they said this will not harm my body being in there so long, if not he would have taken it out rightway. and I can wait until Wednesday. As my GP told me it needed to come out right away. So two opinions is confusing..

I am in a lot of discomfort. lower back pain and lower stomach ache. I cannot even eat a full meal as I feel bloated very quickly. Sleeping is frustrating as I cannot sleep on my stomach because it hurts and my back burns. So I put a heating pad on my back last night and it worked a little.

I will go home this afternoon and take a tylenol PM or Copromol with Codine that will give me a few hours of sleep.

thanks for your concern.
How are you doing Michaela???
Re: UTI after D&C
Jun 6, 2005
You are about 4.5 weeks post d&c, right? I think having had the antibiotics for the UTI (I am assuming it was some broad spectrum abx) you have probably also taken care of any possible uterine infection.

In my situation, I had retained poc for over 12 weeks. I think that extended time had a large part to do with it.

Thank you for asking how I am doing...I am OK, I guess. I am very tired which makes me very emotional. I worked all night last night, but I am off tonight so I am trying to stay awake today and spend some time with my family. I think we are about to leave to go swimming for awhile and get some sunshine.

I know how difficult what you are facing is...I will keep you in my prayers.

Much love,
Re: UTI after D&C
Jun 7, 2005
Hello Michaela,

Yes I am approx 4-5 weeks post D&C. I was wondering if the antiobiotics would take care of any possible infection. As the pain is not as bad as before but I still feel it. WOW you had POC for 12 weeks that is something.....

I called another Dr to schedule a second opinion appt to make sure that the current dr got all the poc out. I was told that this is a common error and it is normally corrected. I cannot afford any mistakes as I am 36 and need to conceive with in the next 6 months.

I hope you and the family had a great swimming trip.

Well, I am very scared for tomorrow's surgery but I know it needs to be done. I came in half day today. I am so nervous and scared. Trying to stay focused on work and the house project.

Will check in tomorrow after surgery....

take care and have a great day!!!
Re: UTI after D&C
Jun 8, 2005
I'm thinking of you today. I hope all is going well.

Re: UTI after D&C
Jun 9, 2005

I had the surgery on 6/08. I am feeling much better now. Although after surgery I work up in pain. They gave my tylenol. that did not work, so I guess they gave me morphine or something, which made me sleepy again. I was also prescribed Doxycyline - Anotiobiotics for 30 days 2 pills a day. Checked them out on the net and it is common to be on these for up to 60 days.

I still have a little back pain going on, no cramps. Hardly no bleeding at all. Still a little tired. I am home for the rest of the week.

Thanks to all who were concerned and your prayers. I was really scared about this but God has bought me through it and I am thankful...

hugs and kisses to everyone.
I hope you are all doing well....


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