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I imagine that having a miscarriage after 4 years of ttc is a little bit different than having one when you were'nt really trying, or you didn't even know you were pregnant. The doctors keep consoling me by saying " See, at least you CAN get pregnant!" ~ and that is true, but it doesn't do me much good if I can't carry it to term. I also keep finding myself thinking about things I did, like the glass of wine I had before I knew, or the bike ride I went on last weekend, wondering if I did something that set it off. I know that isn't rational, and it's not my fault, but I keep thinking about it anyhow. BTW, I do have two other beautiful children, so I wonder if I should just give up, and stick with what I already have.

Jordyn, you asked about your experience with seeing other women with babies after your miscarriage, and if it affected you ~ absolutely yes. I have four sisters-in -law and one just had a baby a couple months ago, and the other is due next month. I absolutely dread going around them at all, it is just so painful, even to see newborns at the park or the grocery store, I will do a b-line right around them so I don't have to get too close. It sounds silly and childish, but it doesn't change how I feel.

thanks for sharing ladies,


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