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I was not sure if this thread should go in pregnancy or miscarriage, but it deals with both.

I miscarried at 8 weeks on Christmas Day, 2004. It was my first pregnancy and I had been ttc for over 5 years. Weight loss helped me get my hormones more regulated, apparently. My Dr. did not give me a D and C (I passed all of the pregnancy in emergency room) because she thinks it leaves potential scarring (I am still not sure I agree with this decision). I bled for 2 months after that, until finally she put me on birth control pills to get my cycles regulated. I took them for 3 months.

I am pregnant again, after my first month of ttc. I am very early along (5 weeks, I think, I see ob gyn next week). I am so afraid that I will miscarry again that I can't think about anything else. I don't know whether to prepare for the worst or hope for the best. Every time I have a small cramp I get scared but then when I don't feel anything at all, I get scared too.

Is there anything I can do to try to have a succesful pregnancy this time? I know its a silly question. Miscarriages can not always be prevented. But I still keep thinking there is something I can do differently. I am eating well (lost over 60 lbs in the last year but am still in overweight category), and exercising lightly (walking outside or on treadmill). I am also trying to rest and not get too stressed (hard - I work full time and am completing a master's degree).

Also - what kind of odds do I have for a healthy pregnancy after a miscarriage? Does anyone have any experience with this they could share?

Thanks in advance.

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