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Re: What to expect?
Jun 23, 2005
Oh Kristin I am so sorry! I've been over to the preg boards a few times and we had been spotting around the same time. My heart just aches for you.

You may pass some more clots as your uterus clamps down which is why you're still feeling a little crampy.

The length of bleeding is different for everyone. I have bled anywhere from 5 days to three weeks with my miscarriages.

I typically ovulate 14 -21 days after my miscarriages (I've had 5). After my molar preg I ovulated 9 days later. I say that so you know you may ovulate and if you want to wait to get pregnant you may want to be careful.

Your cycle may return anywhere from 2-6 weeks but some women don't cycle again until 8-10wks.

I am so sorry. This all must be so hard. It's probably going to be hard for a little while. Please let us know how you're doing once in a while if you feel up to it. That's why we're here.

All my love and prayers!! Kelly

I'm editing to add that I've never had a pelvic or u/s after a miscarriage. I have had HCG levels done because for whatever reason mine take a really long time to come down. They probably won't do any further testing unless you're bleeding excessively, get an infection (fever/chills etc...) and/or are cramping so badly it doubles you over.

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