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What to expect?
Jun 23, 2005
i've been hanging out on the pregnancy boards obsessively since i found out i was pregnant, however yesterday i'm pretty sure i miscarried. i was 6.5 weeks, had been spotting for a few days when all the sudden i got hit with terrible cramps (never quite felt anything like that) and lots of heavy red bleeding w/ clots. the cramps went on for about 4 hours, and at one point i had so much pressure that i had to go sit on the toilet at which point a bunch of blood just sort of fell out of me. i didn't really look at it, just wiped and flushed and sobbed. went to the docs this morning, they drew some blood and asked about my experience, said it's probably a miscarriage. waiting for blood results this afternoon. i'm also RH- so i guess they're testing on this too.

they didn't do any ultrasounds or pelvics yet. is this normal?

also, i'm still today cramping kind of badly off and on (one bad cramp happens every 20-30 minutes) and bleeding deep red, but not soaking through pads. i saw someone else's post about looking for the embreyo, but the doc didn't ask me that and i didn't see anything...then again, i didn't look too much.

anyhow, i'm rambling and sort of in a daze and i guess i'm just wondering what's normal in terms of physical symptoms. the emotional stuff...yeah, i'm a basketcase, but i suppose that's to be expected. sigh.

thanks for listening,

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