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Cry as much as you need to.. Take all the time in the world. I m/c on 4/25. Still have bad days, but with time it gets better.

I guess you can start when ever you wish. talk to you dr first. My new Dr said to take folic acid for 3 months prior and I am doing a CBC - iron count today and thyroid test.

I am ready now, but know that I need to prepare my body for this wonderful experience.

So I am taking vitamins, folic acid and replacing my iron from the 2 D&C I had b/c old Dr left poc in me.

best of luck.
Be true to your own grief & do whatever you need to do to help yourself heal physically and emotionally. I know it may be hurtful to you that others moved on so quickly, but this is very difficult no matter how others react. I m/c in March. I had so many family & friends that were so upset that it felt like too much for me to deal with & I was angry (only because of my grief) that I also had to deal w/ their hurt as well as my own. I think in the grief that it is difficult to feel like anything is happeneing the way that you want/need it to happen, because you just want it all to be back like it was.

As far as trying again, depending on a variety of factors, your doctor would be the best one to recommend. Sometimes doctors sugget you wait a couple of cycles (as mine did) & sometimes not. My Ob-Gyn said I'd have a lesser risk of another m/c if I waited until 2 full cycles, so that we could be sure I was fully recovered. I had a friend that hemmoraged 7 weeks after her m/c - the Dr's said it was brought on my the fact that she hadn't fully expelled everything from before (a D&C would've prevented that probably). I'm not sure what would've happened if she'd been pg at that time, but surely another m/c at the very least which would've be devastating, but she nearly died as it was, & that was enough for me to wait like my Ob said. Also - keep up on those vitamins - this whole process takes a lot out of your body.

Just remember - to have the healthiest pregnancy - you need to be well first - mind, body, & soul. Make sure you give yourself time to grieve & give your heart enough time to heal. There's no need to rush. Be sure that you really want to try so soon & that you aren't just "keeping busy" as you said & trying to avoid time to feel the pain. I wish you much love & some pink ruffles for your future. In the meantime love yourself & your boys & make all your decisions on what's best your you - body & soul.

- Beck

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