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I was just wondering when you ovulate after a miscarriage. I started spotting on June 12th and had very hard cramping and heavy clotting on June 14th but didn't pass the sac until Father's day (June 19th). I have read that some people ovulate 2 - 6 weeks after a miscarriage - is that counting from the first day of spotting or from when? I am currently so confused. I have 3 beautiful boys that i never had any problems with my prenancies and i just do not understand what happened. Did i do something? Was i too confidant that it would all go perfectly? Was it the baby girl i was trying so hard for?
When does the heartache end? I am ok as long as i don't have time to think about it but when i slow down i just start to cry.
My family doesn't even talk about it now they seem to think that it is all over and i can just carry on but I'm not ready to do that yet. It seems that i am the only one that the baby was real to. For everyone else it didn't exist. I need another baby but i don't want to replace or forget about this one - does that make any sense?

Any way back to my original question. When can i expect to ovulate following a miscarriage? I want to try for another baby asap and don't want to wait for AF.

Thanks for letting me cry....


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