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I'm so sorry, miscarriages are so very hard and recovery isn't always straightforward.

Have you had your HCG levels checked to see if they're coming down okay? I experienced morning sickness for a couple of weeks after my 17 week loss but not with any of the others which were much earlier (I've had losses at 4wks, 5wks, 6wks and 8wks also).

You may also want to mention it to your dr if you haven't already. You may have something else going on outside of pregnancy loss issues (for example, diabetes, adrenal issues, hormonal imbalance etc...). A m/c can throw off your hormones considerably.

If your HCGs are normal then it is not from the preg. I hope you're able to have this test soon if you haven't. It would shed some light on this for you.

I agree it really stinks that you have to continue on with this constant reminder of your loss. It's truly an awful thing to endure. I hope this eases up for you soon. Please keep in touch and let us know how you're doing if you feel up to it.

Love and Prayers, Kelly

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