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I was wondering if there were anyone out there that opted for a miscarriage on their own as opposed to a D&C. I was 7 weeks pregnant and everything was fine. At 8 weeks and 2 days, i was told there was no heartbeat. The doctor told me my choices were to get a d&c or expel it on my own. I opted to expel it on my own NOT realizing how painful the contractions were going to be. They were 4 minutes apart and lasted a minute long. My husband said that the doctor informed me that some people do go into labor but I didn't remember hearing him say that since I must've been in a fog due to the terrible news. The contractions started at about 3:30 pm and lasted until about 8:45 pm. It was very scary and very painful. We called the doctor who told us that my cervix was opening and getting ready to expel. Afterward, i felt very weak and exhausted! I went to the doctor after it was over and she said that everything was fine and my cervix was now closed. I was relieved cause i didn't want to hear that after all was said and done that not all was emtied from my uterus and that i might still have to go for a D&C. I am now very AFRAID to get pregnant again because I do not want to go through those same contractions that i couldn't handle. MY QUESTION TO EVERYONE is Does anyone know if the contractions of a miscarriage is WORSE then that of a live birth? I guess I am hoping so that I won't be afraid to do this again. :yawn:
hi, im so sorry for your loss x

ive been pregnant 4 times, my first ended at around 16-17 weeks, the first i knew of it was when i started spotting, and after a lot of checking out we found out that it had died at 8 weeks. i opted to have a d&c but as this was late on a friday, they booked me in for monday and i had the contractions and severe pain all weekend. my second pregnancy was uneventful and i went on to go into labour with my daughter, it was pretty painful so i had an epi when i was only 4cms dilated and felt nothing until after, i tore a little and the recovery was long. with my third pregnancy we found out when i was 4 weeks, only to loose the baby at 6 weeks (2 days after my daughters 2nd birthday) i had no pain whatsoever, if i didnt do the test i would have just thought it was a late af. 4th was again uneventful, went into labour 8 days late, didnt start to hurt until about 7pm, got to hospital at 7.30pm, where it was really hurting by then, but i was 8cms already so no epi for me :(
it was the most pain i have ever expirienced, but after some shouting and screaming he was born at 9.34pm. he was 1lb8oz heavier than my daughter but i didnt tear, i wasnt at all sore and i could have probably run a marathon the next day lol.

what im trying to get at is every pregnancy is different, you may think me crazy but i never really enjoyed being preg, but i absolutely loved the laboour part of it, its so exciting and such a rush i would do the labour with baby a million times over than the m/cs, even if they wernt painful

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