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Yes, I've had 2 MCs now, the last just over a week ago, and opted for natural both times. The first was worse, lots of pain and I had wondered whether it was comparable to actually giving birth. It's really helpful to read about it here.

MC 1 definitely felt like contractions, was some of the worst pain (if not the worst) I've had in my life. Wanted to put my body in weird positions and found myself breathing through each tightening cramp. I had felt so bereft with that MC that I didn't get in touch with my doc that time. But this time I wanted more support! Didn't want to go through that pain again if didn't have to, but wanted to avoid D&C if I could.

Was so glad we put our trust in the health system this time for MC2, when started passing clots and pain was getting worse we went to the hospital - was seen immediately, got pain relief, got checked out thoroughly and admitted for observation. They kept us totally informed and supported the whole way, so different to the last time. Because I'd already passed a lot of tissue on my own there was no insistence on D&C. But having some effective pain relief was great this time!

But I found that the pain wasn't as bad as the first time anyway - hard to tell because as it started ramping (feeling more like the contractions of last time) up the p relief kicked in. But I hardly needed anything once that wore off - definitely painful but nothing like the last time. So because it wasn't that bad I said no to any more drugs.

I wondered if your body's reaction changes as you've had more pregnancies? Like do they get easier on your body the more you have? I wondered if having two miscarriages would make a subsequent live birth experience easier (fingers crossed that we get to have a live birth!).

Some people (not just on here) have said that they found MC more painful than birth at 40 wks. But it sounds like everyone experiences it differently, and it's different for each pregnancy maybe too.

It sucks that anyone has to go through MC, my heart goes out to all of us that have to endure this physical and emotional pain.

I totally agree with the posters who've said there's not enough preparation from the official info you get given- like heavy period cramps? Bleeding for a couple days? Yeah right! It can be out of this world painful, and both times I've bled for more than a week. There should be better info out and support there for anyone going through this.

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