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ladies, I muse say.......I'm freaking out here! I too found out at 8 w 2 d that I miscarried. He died at 6 weeks. I started to spot last week. I wasn't told anything about labor pains and that I would just cramp and bleed. And when I saw a blood clot that would be it. I read something on the internet that went like this:
[I]"You may have light bleeding and cramping for a few weeks. You can wear sanitary pads but no tampons during this time and take acetaminophen for the pain. The bleeding and cramping may get worse shortly before you pass the "products of conception" that is, the placenta and the embryonic or fetal tissue, which will look grayish and may include blood clots. If you can, save this tissue in a clean container because your caregiver may want to examine it or send it to a lab for testing to try to find out why you miscarried. In any case, she'll want to see you at this point, so call her to let her know what's happened."[/I]

No where in there did it say anything about experiencing labor pains while having a miscarriage. Just cramping. I know some people have gone through some nasty pains while miscarrying, they all happen this way? I mean, with the labor pains???

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