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hi, im so sorry for your loss x

ive been pregnant 4 times, my first ended at around 16-17 weeks, the first i knew of it was when i started spotting, and after a lot of checking out we found out that it had died at 8 weeks. i opted to have a d&c but as this was late on a friday, they booked me in for monday and i had the contractions and severe pain all weekend. my second pregnancy was uneventful and i went on to go into labour with my daughter, it was pretty painful so i had an epi when i was only 4cms dilated and felt nothing until after, i tore a little and the recovery was long. with my third pregnancy we found out when i was 4 weeks, only to loose the baby at 6 weeks (2 days after my daughters 2nd birthday) i had no pain whatsoever, if i didnt do the test i would have just thought it was a late af. 4th was again uneventful, went into labour 8 days late, didnt start to hurt until about 7pm, got to hospital at 7.30pm, where it was really hurting by then, but i was 8cms already so no epi for me :(
it was the most pain i have ever expirienced, but after some shouting and screaming he was born at 9.34pm. he was 1lb8oz heavier than my daughter but i didnt tear, i wasnt at all sore and i could have probably run a marathon the next day lol.

what im trying to get at is every pregnancy is different, you may think me crazy but i never really enjoyed being preg, but i absolutely loved the laboour part of it, its so exciting and such a rush i would do the labour with baby a million times over than the m/cs, even if they wernt painful
I am sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. I went through a miscarriage March 26, I was in my 10th week by the time it started - I had a blighted ovum. By the time the miscarriage was in full swing it was about 8:00pm on a Saturday - I woke my dh up at 2:30am due to the pain - he sat with me and rubbed my back - i told him not to as it made it worse. I was in severe back labour. This went on all night - my dh had enough - and on Sunday afternoon we went to the er - i was admitted as I was bleeding alot and in so much pain. I was put on iv and offered demerol which I refused due to I heard it makes you nausious and I didn't need that on top of everything else. This pain carried on until Sunday evening when I passed the sac - it was intact and it didn't look like a blood clot.
After that passed the pain was more like period cramping. I had an u/s at 12pm Monday and had to have the d&c that night due to products in the upper part of my uterus.
The pain I experienced was contractions but at the time I didn't know (first pregnancy) and explained the pain as "coming and going" - these are contractions. I have to say the pain was intense - the most pain I ever experienced - I cried alot and when it was over I said I would never do that again but I also said it would have been more tolerable if I had something at the end of it (my baby) which I didn't.
My ob said it would be like a heavy period with cramping - it was nothing like that at all. I told him after it happened how I was not expecting that much pain and especially the back pain.
Like some of the other girls I also had alot of nausea before it all started and I was also dizzy and lightheaded several days before it started.
I had a long recovery after the d&c - several months before I had no pain or cramping at all.
I would like to think that a pregnancy wouldn't be as bad but like the other poster said - every pregnancy is different. At least I know what labour pains will be like and although it frightens me to do that again - a little bundle of joy may make it all worthwhile. I think my dh is also scared - the whole experience took alot out of him as he watched me go through everything without being able to help me.
Gees, the pain we go through, if it were left up to men to populate the world it would be empty. We women as a gender should be proud of how strong we really are.

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