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Labor is just regular contractions that dilate the cervix. What you exerienced with your m/c was labor.

I feel that full term contractions are more intense because they last longer and are stronger but they are not always as painful. I'm not sure how else to describe it. When the cervix dilates from about 7cm to 10cm you're considered to be in what's called "transition". It is typically by far the most painful part and for many people it will be the most pain they will ever experience in their life BUT it does not usually last more than an hour (and many times is much shorter; my transition is only 10 minutes).

I feel that contractions in a m/c are very similar to contractions that dilate the cervix from 0-7cm which is most of your contractions during labor. The feeling with a live birth is typically more intense (not more painful necessarily) also because the overall size of the uterus is much larger.

You also have to factor in a full term sized baby pressing on the cervix and pelvic organs. If there is a malpresentation contractions can be extremely difficult to get through.

I do not have easy labors so I may be the wrong person to be asking :) . I know women who's labors are extremely easy and I know women like myself who have extremely difficult labors. My MIL has had 11 children and with a couple of the babies she woke up pushing (must be nice :rolleyes: ).

I really wish I could explain it better but in reality it's so variable. I do think that f/t contractions require more concentration and focus but m/c is perceived to be far more difficult because of the trauma associated with it.

I won't lie transition contractions are extremely painful and difficult. They come every 1 1/2-3 minutes and last 60-90 seconds long. They require an incredible amount of perseverence. However, women do it every day and most of them will go on to do it again :) .

Love and Prayers, Kelly

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