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i had my m/c at 7 weeks. it happened naturally (i didn't know anything was wrong). but i can say it wasn't super pleasant. then again, i would've chosen it over a d&c. the worst part lasted about 2 hours, involved severe cramping (sort of like a really really really bad period cramping....or what i imagine it would feel like) and a lot of bleeding. the day after i still cramped (but much lighter) and bled fairly heavy. the cramping stopped after 2 days and the bleeding lasted 1 week. but, hospitals freak me out, so if i had the choice again, i'd still go natural. maybe you should think about what you're the most comfortable with? do you want the physical experience of seeing it happen? in some ways it sucks, in others maybe it provides a sense of closure...i dunno. maybe those who've had a d&c can give you more insight. it seems natural would have less risk of complications too, but i'm no doctor.
I have had 5 miscarriages and have never had a D&C. Like Kristin said it's not pleasant to go through things naturally but I much prefer it over the idea of being anesthetized, my cervix unnaturally opened and my uterus scraped out(not to mention the 25% we'd have to pay that insurance doesn't cover).

It did bring closure for me to go through them. It was very difficult. My 6 week loss was like a very mini labor. I had regular contractions/cramps for four hours and things got very very intense for about 10 minutes. I got up to use the bathroom and everything passed. My symptoms had disappeared that morning and I started bleeding a few hours after I got up. Within a half an hour the cramping started.

As far as medical reasoning to go naturally, I would say because it's unnecessary since a m/c at this point gestationally is usually very straightforward and without any problems.

Medical reasoning for a D&C would be patient's mental/emotional health, patient develops a fever, patient is bleeding excessively or is having extreme pain (can't stand up straight kind of pain).

It's actually more feasible to try again sooner if you go natural since the uterus doesn't require as much healing time. After a D&C it is often recommended you wait at least three months or more. After passing everything naturally they recommend waiting only through one normal cycle.

Ultimately it comes down to how long you want to wait. The waiting is the hardest part I think. I've only had one m/c that I didn't know the baby had died. I waited two weeks to go into labor but I never did (it was a 2nd trimester loss and I requested an induction). All my others I realized I was miscarrying because I started bleeding and cramping.

I'm so sorry qt that you've had to wander over to these boards! My heart truly goes out to you. Whatever decision you make I know things will be fine.
I hope to see you again at the preg boards again soon! Keep us posted!

Love and Prayers, Kelly

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