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I thought you only needed to wait one full period before trying again???

I called the doc office today. The nurse said that it should take 7-10 days after I stopped my meds (I was on progesterone/estrogen shots and suppositores - normal protocol for IVF). I stopped on Friday. If I don't progress by Friday, I need to call and make an appt for MOnday. Then we'll discuss the option of inducing or D&C.

Not really sure I want to wait much longer
Hello Kitty!

I am SO sorry to see you on this board too! My heart just aches for all of us. This whole thing just blows.

I'm guessing because you're at 10.5 weeks now ( I would only be 9 weeks now) and that you went natural (I went IVF) that it's time to expel and that D&C should be done. I have to wait another day just to make an appointment to find out what he wants to do. I'm hoping they just take me tomorrow to decide, so come Monday I will have either done this natural, or have a D&C scheduled for Monday. I only stopped the meds 6 days ago. My body seems to be holding on tight to the little guy. I'm barely, and I mean barely, spotting.

I'm getting more emotional as the days pass without progress. I just want to move on, get my natural AF so I can think ahead to the future.

I hope to be craving Good & Plenty's once more!

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