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I too had a m/c at about this stage (3.5 weeks post conception or 5.5 weeks). For me, being my second pg I wasn't as upset about the loss as I was about the fear that it just might not ever happen for us and that my ds would be an only child. I was just so freaked out about what was happening to my body. I was fortunate too because my first hpt at 2 days late was bfn so I thought I wasn't pg. When af hadn't arrived 8 days later I did one again and got a faint positive. Then the next day I started to bleed. It was hard to be too attached to a life that I hadn't known for sure existed until the day before. But the dreams I had of another baby still haunted me.
I had one very awful day where I couldn't stop crying and really spent some time dealing with my emotions and feeling and then I was able to move on and focus on the future.
I am still waiting for my bfp and have had two weird cycles since my m/c. I too would suggest moving on quickly and focusing on the future.
Good luck and god bless.

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