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If you check out my thread ("6 weeks or natural") you'll see that I too just went through my first miscarriage. My first pregnancy, age 41, through IVF.

As I had been obviously planning this, and went through so very much to conceive (daily shots, daily ultrasounds, 2 surgeries....) I was devastated when I found out. My issue was chromosonal. Absolutley nothing I could do to have prevented it. Not diet, excercise, altering daily habits, .....nothing! Most times there isn't anything we could do to prevent this.

This may or may not help......but it's helping me get through this......studies have shown that after having a miscarriage, that the chances of a sucessful pregnancy are higher. My doctor spoke to me right before I went in for my D&E and he was anxious for me to attempt another IVF cycle. He feels very optimistic and would like me to try right away.

You've gotten some very good advice from the last 2 replies. I'm sure I can't add to what they've said in terms of how to get through this. But I hope that what I shared will help.

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