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Hi I am fairly new at this site. I recently had a misscarriage at 6 weeks. I was doing so well and then one night I was bleeding so we went to the er and they did and ultrasound inside and we saw they baby and the heartbeat and everything was find. I found out that there was a hemmorrage in there. Then the next day I went back to the er because I was bleeding and severe cramping and passing big clots at home. They did and ultrasound inside again and blood work and everything. We had lost our baby. I am soo upset and I blame myself. I feel like it is something that I did wrong or what if I could have done something to prevent it from happening. How soon do you think I should try again?
I am so sorry to hear about your sad news. i posted to try and offer some support i too had m/c at 6 weeks in my first pg. it was horrid i felt robbed of my dreams, it wasn't fair. i do know that unfortunatly there is nothing you can do to stop m/c happening it is something you have no control over, unfortunatly if it is going to happen it will. i know that sucks. however to offer you some hope after moving through the grieving process and having one af i tried to conceive again. i am now 6 weeks pg again and so nervous, in fact today is the exact day i m/c last time so fingers crossed. I wish you happiness for the future, look after yourself surround yourself with your best friends, grieve as you need to. i planted a tree as i had nothing to show for having being pg at least it is a reminder i was actually pg and my baby meant something to me and dh. hope this helps :wave:
I too had a m/c at about this stage (3.5 weeks post conception or 5.5 weeks). For me, being my second pg I wasn't as upset about the loss as I was about the fear that it just might not ever happen for us and that my ds would be an only child. I was just so freaked out about what was happening to my body. I was fortunate too because my first hpt at 2 days late was bfn so I thought I wasn't pg. When af hadn't arrived 8 days later I did one again and got a faint positive. Then the next day I started to bleed. It was hard to be too attached to a life that I hadn't known for sure existed until the day before. But the dreams I had of another baby still haunted me.
I had one very awful day where I couldn't stop crying and really spent some time dealing with my emotions and feeling and then I was able to move on and focus on the future.
I am still waiting for my bfp and have had two weird cycles since my m/c. I too would suggest moving on quickly and focusing on the future.
Good luck and god bless.
If you check out my thread ("6 weeks or natural") you'll see that I too just went through my first miscarriage. My first pregnancy, age 41, through IVF.

As I had been obviously planning this, and went through so very much to conceive (daily shots, daily ultrasounds, 2 surgeries....) I was devastated when I found out. My issue was chromosonal. Absolutley nothing I could do to have prevented it. Not diet, excercise, altering daily habits, .....nothing! Most times there isn't anything we could do to prevent this.

This may or may not help......but it's helping me get through this......studies have shown that after having a miscarriage, that the chances of a sucessful pregnancy are higher. My doctor spoke to me right before I went in for my D&E and he was anxious for me to attempt another IVF cycle. He feels very optimistic and would like me to try right away.

You've gotten some very good advice from the last 2 replies. I'm sure I can't add to what they've said in terms of how to get through this. But I hope that what I shared will help.
Hi alucky and all, I too had a loss at about 8 weeks misscarriage, I guess it is human nature to automatically blame ourselves, but what I have learned since then is, often times when we misscarry it is natures way of aborting a pregnancy that would have resulted in horrific medical problems with the baby, and NOT YOUR Fault.

I was lucky I was able to have my son 5 years later, he actually was what they called a threatened abortion and also hemmoraged with him at 8 weeks preg. and bled for 8 weeks.

I am sorry for your loss, and all of us who have suffered a misscarriage. I do hope you have good support at home, you hormones will be a bit haywire too, and you need to have someone who understands and is a good listener. I do hope this board helps you too.

Just remember it was not ur fault, there was nothing you could do to prevent this.
hugs catch
Thank you all for caring as much as you do, even though I don't know you guys it seems like I do. You all are understanding. The weird thing is, is that when I went in on Sunday they said that everything was fine the Ultrasound Tech said that there was a sac of blood in there but that was all he said. Then the ER Dr. said everything was fine and did not even mention that blood. They sent me home. Then I was able to ready my medical record of what the Ultrasound said and it said I had a " SUBCHORIONIC HEMMORHAGE". I don't know why the Dr didn't tell me to take it easy or anything. I want to know what caused it and how it would have happened. BUt no one has answers yet. But I will ask the OB Dr when I go, which I don't know when i will be going back there. Does anyone know. Do you think it would be ok to try again after 1 cycle? Also what does AF mean?
af=aunt flow, which is perhaps an arguably too polite (in that "hide your 'female trouble'" kind of way) term for period. but sometimes af is just easier to type than period :)

i miscarried at 7 weeks on june 22nd. there's really no getting around it, it just really really sucks. i felt pretty awful for about 2 weeks, crying myself to sleep, randomly losing it during the day, sleeping an awful lot, but things have slowly but surely gotten better. at first i didn't blame myself, but then it's hard to not try to find some type of reason that you can control in the future. sort of, well maybe i exercised too hard, so next time i get pg i won't exercise. or maybe i was too stressed out, so next time i will meditate more. or maybe i went to too many concerts and maybe the baby hated rock music, so next time i'll listen to classical... but i've been trying to come to terms with the fact that sometimes, despite our best intentions, there are things we can't control. and sometimes life takes unexpected turns. yet, through it all, i've come to learn that i'm one hell of a strong woman and i'm surrounded by a lot of good people who care about me and love me, and maybe in the end that's what matters.

don't feel bad about grieving, and don't be worried if you're on an emotional roller coaster. just allow yourself to talk about when you need to, write about it if you need to, and just be really really good to yourself.

i'm sending good vibes your way. take care.
Well I do have to say something that, I went to the Dr. and they checked me out and they said that everything is fine. They also told me that I could start to try after I have 1 complete cycle. Which is good I guess. How long has anyone else waited before they tried to concieve?
Hello everyone. Well it has almost been 1 month since I had, had the miscarriage. I am doing better and so it my husband, he is very supportive of this whole thing that has happened. I did get to recieve a ultrasound picture of the baby. You can't really tell what it is, but to me it is special. I will never forget about this 1st pregnancy. I just hope and pray to God that he will give us our bunddle of joy next time. The Dr. told me that I need to have 1 cyle and then we could try again. I still have not had my period yet and I am worried. Does anyone knoe when to suspect a period after a miscarrage? On Tuesday the 16th I did a lab to check the status of my HCG level and it was 3.99 so it is almost back to normal. Please get back with me anyone. Thanks
hi alucky
my af returned 31 days after i started bleeding as my m/c, this time is different for everyone. after this first af i ttc again and got pg i am now 8 weeks pg and i already saw my baby's heartbeat on u/s. good luck in ttc again hope your af returns soon. i know i hated the time waiting for mine to return as i felt stuck in limbo i wanted to ttc but i couldn't. take care best of luck for the future.
Everything is so weird to me right now, because I have a strange feeling. I REALLY want a baby right now I want to be pregnant again right now. I don't know if it is just my hormones or what. But I still have not had a period....
This is Amy. It has been a while since things have happened to me. Well it is strange has this happened to any one else. I miscarried on July 25th. I still have not had a cycle. But last weeked on Friday Saturday and Sunday ( 26,27,28) I was spotting maybe only 2 times a day. Do you think that could have been my cycle for that month? I am not spotting anymore. I did not have any pai eaither. I really want to start to try again but the Dr. told me to wait at least until I have 1 complete cycle, that way if you body has anything else in there it will disgard it. Has anyone expirenced this before?...
Hi Amy,
not sure if this helps. but my first return cycle after m/c was light and spotty and lasted for 2-3 days with lots of cramping. After that it has been normal but lasting on 2-3 days still with lots of cramping.

You will be normal soon. Continue to take your vitamins and folic acid.
I to just suffered a misscarriage and let me tell you its an awful feeling. i feel it was my fault. i feel i could of done more to prevent this. I really dont know if i should try to get pregnant . i dont want to go through this again . :confused:
Hi Mendee,

I totally understand what you are going through. I had a miscarriage (Dec.15, 06) 3 days after I found out I was pregnant--so excited--then soooooo devastated. I do not know how far along I was..but dh and I WERE ttc. Anyway, yes I worry about ttc again and this happening again. I try to find comfort in the fact that it is fairly common and that God is in control.
Please know it was not your fault. Best wishes to you in the future....this board is great for support so we are here for ya!


I to had a miscarriage Dec 06, 2006, i was 7wks, i was very sad crying thru the whole experience, we want to try again but i'm scared but reading everyone's experiences on how they were able to carry to full term after they had two or three miscarriages has given me hope, we just have to have faith and it will happen to all of us

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