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After 8 weeks of waiting for AF to arrive after D&C, it was extremely light/spotting for just 4 days. I was wondering, does anyone know if it being so much lighter than a regular AF mean that the walls of the uterus isn't completely back to normal (fully lined), and this could be a reason for a POSSIBLE miscarriage again if I TTC too soon? Is this why maybe lots of doctors suggest waiting 2 cycles to TTC again? I don't understand what causes either so little or so much blood to flow when the unfertilized egg is washed out of your system. I thought it's the lining of the uterus that comes out with the egg during a cycle, so I'm assuming that if there's very light spotting then there isn't much in the lining to be expelled. Does my question make sense? I want to TTC ASAP again, but I'm afraid of risking another miscarriage.
I'm REALLY interested to see what replies you'll get to this question! I for one don't have an answer but want to know the answer as much as you! It's a very very good question!!!

If there is anyway you can get an ultrasound from your doctors office I would get one. All I know (physically) is that our uterus should be 'thin' right before/at the beginning of our period. I didn't know this until I started the whole IVF cycle and they check just before you start taking injections at the very beginning of your period to be sure it's thinned out. But an u/s should give you and the doctor an idea of how well your uterus looks before ttc again (making sure there are no adhesiens (sp?) on the uterun wall).
I would think that that would be the reason. I'm not positively sure, but I think that after the D&C, your uterus would be devoid of the normal tissues and menstrual blood. After all, the lining was being used to nourish the baby, and during the D&C, the lining would have been flushed away as if you had your menstrual cycle. If it continues happening, I'd see a doctor because I'm not sure if it's normal or not, but it seems to make sense. Definitely ask your doctor when it's okay to start trying to conceive again. God bless. :angel:

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