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How long did you wait to TTC again after you had a D&C (how many cycles did you wait), and did you have a successful pregnancy?
hello etaner
i did not have a d and c but did have m/c. i waited to have one af then ttc conceive again and got pg first time trying. good luck to you ttc post m/c.
Just had a D&E one week ago. When talking with my doctor prior to the procedure, he was gun-ho about trying again right away. Just one menstral cycle waiting period. I'm just hoping my AF shows up in just the 4 weeks time. I'm using IVF so I'm not sure if they need to put me on the pills to regulate until the next period or if it can be done without the pill as my regulator. Under normal circumstances they use the pill to calculate all your timing. I'll find out on my follow-up visit on the 16th. If you're ttc naturally, then you'll just need to wait one cycle. So you can start trying again once your first AF has passed. Although, you should speak with your physician first anyway.

I can tell you my doc was not at all invasive as I passed blood clots last weekend. The last time I had a D&E (20 years ago) I spotted for a day or two and was done. This time I cramped and passed clots days later. I was told by his office that he doesn't like to 'clean' out fully as this can be invasive and may result in the uterus adhearing to itself. So he did only what 'had' to be done.
I had a natural miscarriage and we did not wait to start again. We got pregnant immediately & are 19 weeks along now.
I miscarried 2 weeks ago and my RE said they won't see me until October, so I have to wait 2 months before I can start ttc again.
I just had a M/C and my doctor told me to wait 3 cycles.I guess each doctor is different. Good Luck :angel:
I had a D&C in April after an anembryonic pregnancy of 11 weeks. Like the other poster said, my doctor also did not clear "everything" out and I had very heavy, clotty bleeding for two weeks after the procedure. I was told to wait for 3 regular cycles as well. I went back on the bc patch, had three normal cycles, then took the patch off and we started trying again. Not successfully so far, and my periods are now so messed up that I have no idea what is going on. Good luck to you.

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