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I found out 7/21 I was pregnant. This whole thing has been weird. I had several negative tests, 2 in the dr office. The last one in the office was 7/19 and negative. I started bleeding later that day and thought nothing of it since it was time for me to start anyway. I notice though, that it did not look lik a normal period. it was brown ang getting lighter. By that Thursday it had stopped. I still had felling that I was pregnant so I to another test and it came out positive. I called my OB and they got me in right away to check me out. Had blood work done every other day and things were going up. I had blood work on Weds 7/27 in which it went up to 423 like it should. The nest day (Thurs) I woke up and went to the bathroom. When I wiped it was bright red. No pain and stopped not long after. There were pieces of stuff coming out when I urinate, but nothing hughe of grayish. I got in touch with my dr and said to come in Fri as planned for more blood work. I did and right after that I started bleeding red again, but it stopped. I had to wait all weekend to hear the results. Tha Saturday I also had a bout of darker red blood. Monday they called and told me my levels went down to 289 and I was in the process of miscarrying and to follow up that Friday to make sure levels are going down like they should. So I went last friday. Tolda they call me with the results and my HCG levels went back up to 500 something! Has anyone heard of something like this happening before? I hate to get my hopes up, but even the OB Nurse seems baffeled. I guess it could have been a twin possibly? I don't understand why my levels would go down and pop back up? I am going back tomorrow and have and US for Weds. I am so curious this is going to kill me!

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