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Sorry, had a little trouble following. Correct me if I'm got your AF about 2-4 weeks early? You have an ovarian cyst and hypothyroidism. While your boyfriend was in town for a two week stay you had your AF, was it normal? At what point after that did you have the bleeding and how many days after your AF did you have unprotected sex?

I experienced a misscarriage and can only say that the clots are expelled while your [I]cramping[/I]. Not a week later. This cramping is like labor, and can be quite painful depending on how far along you were (if you were in fact pg). I actually had a D&E where my doctor didn't choose to extract every bit of lining. So, about 4 days after I started to experience bad cramping, lower back pains that lasted 3 day, and then expelled 3 big clots over the last 2 of those days. The D&E was August 1, and I only stopped bleeding this past Saturday (13 days later).

Some clotting can be normal during your period.

If you haven't already, you should see your gyn or nurse practitioner. I don't know much about what happens when you have an ovarian cyst, but speaking with a professional is a good start!

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