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I lost my first baby at 5 1/2 months pregnant. Her heart just stopped and no one knows why. No abnormalities were ever found etc. 3 months later I was pregnant again..with twins boys. A little over 3 months into the pregnancy I started miscarrying.. it took like 2 weeks so i ended up losing the twins at almost 4 months into that pregnancy. Now it has been 9 months and i think i am pregnant again..blood test results will be in tomorrow. I am nervous as you all can probably imagine but even more so because I really think that I am pregnant because my period is late, which it has only been when i was pregnant and I have a lot of other symptoms and pretty much i just know my body from being pregnant before but the HPT's I took were negative. Now that just makes me think that my hcg levels are low.. it will be tubal.. something is wrong etc..
My question is, (I have a physically demanding job-lots of lifting, pushing, pulling always on feet, etc.) After you have had miscarraiges/stillbirths will doctor take you out of work from the get go? I just really dont think i should be working especially with the hard work that I do..
any experiences would be appreciated ..
I am sorry to hear about your history, and hope that if you are infact pregnant this time that all works out really well. I myself have suffered three miscarriages all prior to 6 weeks so I couldn't possible understand the late losses you suffered. However, now I am nearly 13 weeks along and am doing fairly well however, like you I have a fairly demanding job physically. My physisian when I spoke with him on Monday was a bit concerned with the dehydration I was suffering from with the excess heat and motion problems causing unusually high amounts of puking. He gave me slight restrictions for the job and told me that if I feel it is too much than it is too much. You will likely hear the same. If you are stressed over the work than you should not be doing it. Your mental health ties in a great deal to your body. My shop did not like my restrictions and sent me home today until they can come up with something else for me to do. Although I hate being unemployed I am not terribly sad about it since I am doing the best thing for my unborn baby. It is only for a short time and there could be a great joy at the end so do what you think is best for you!!!!!!
Well today my doctor's office told me my test was negative. I feel like something fishy is going on. Beside the fact that they told me that if I was pregnant they wouldnt take me because I am too high risk now, there was just something in the woman's voice when she told me it was negative. Then she said.. is there something we can do for you (kind of snotty). I'm like.. well if my period is 2 weeks late for no reason then I guess I should make an appointment to see why right? I dont know.. I feel weird-I know my body and I know something is up with it- it is not right, but there is no way a blood test can come up negative if you are pregnant right? Well I am definitley switching doctors anyway.. they make me feel like Im not wanted there because I am too much of a problem or something.

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