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I lost my first baby at 5 1/2 months pregnant. Her heart just stopped and no one knows why. No abnormalities were ever found etc. 3 months later I was pregnant again..with twins boys. A little over 3 months into the pregnancy I started miscarrying.. it took like 2 weeks so i ended up losing the twins at almost 4 months into that pregnancy. Now it has been 9 months and i think i am pregnant again..blood test results will be in tomorrow. I am nervous as you all can probably imagine but even more so because I really think that I am pregnant because my period is late, which it has only been when i was pregnant and I have a lot of other symptoms and pretty much i just know my body from being pregnant before but the HPT's I took were negative. Now that just makes me think that my hcg levels are low.. it will be tubal.. something is wrong etc..
My question is, (I have a physically demanding job-lots of lifting, pushing, pulling always on feet, etc.) After you have had miscarraiges/stillbirths will doctor take you out of work from the get go? I just really dont think i should be working especially with the hard work that I do..
any experiences would be appreciated ..

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