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Aug 16, 2005
Hello everyone, I have a quick question...I was spotty during a period time, and then just stopped, I thought I was pregnant and took two ept exams about a week after that and they both came out neg. then about one week after that I had very very heavy bleeding and cramping, I was sure that I miscarried a child I didnt know I was pregnant with...then it all of a sudden stopped, and I had a pain were my galblatter is located, I went to the emergency room, they tested and I was positive for pregnancy. They didn't mention anything about a miscarriage even though I had a concern with it, that I stated... Also they gave me vicodin for the pain in my galblatter. Now, I am confused? Can you test positive for pregnancy after you miscarried? and is it safe to take the pills if I might be pregnant? I have an ultrasound appt. in two days, I am soo..scared! help!

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