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I feel so lost
Aug 19, 2005
We found out Wednesday that our baby has died (I was 13 weeks along). I have an appt with the OB on Monday to discuss my options.

This is my 6th loss (fourth in a row). I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and they believe that's what's causing my miscarriages (I had no problem carrying my other babies until I developed this).

I'm just so tired of this. I had so hoped that things were going to go well this time and they really seemed to be. I had an ultrasound showing the baby's heart beating at 7 weeks. I got fetal heart tones with the doppler at 8 weeks 6 days and we heard the baby's heart beat again only 9 days before the ultrasound had shown the baby's heart had stopped. I had all the right symptoms (something I never really had with my other miscarriages). My HCG levels were doubling beautifully.

Yet here I am with all those "reassurances" that didn't matter. I'm grateful I could enjoy my preg while it lasted but it's a bitter end. I'll be receiving my maternity jeans and t-shirts I just won on E-bay soon; I was growing out of my regular clothes.

Here I sit still pregnant knowing there will be no reward. I want it to be over and yet I want to hold on forever.

I feel so alone and next week I'll be empty.

Love and Prayers, Kelly

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